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High Accuracy Machining Centers

At SCPM we invest in what makes us different and better than most of our competitors. Our newest 5 axis Mill is the renowned Kitamura MedCenter. High accuracy 67 Million Pulse Encoder System and High resolution  Optical Scales on all 5 Axis. The 5AX has the Largest work envelope in it's class. When high accuracy and repeatability are important anything is possible. 


Call or email us now and reserve time on our Kitamura! 260-459-7031



Accuracy at a premium – ultra-high precision CMM 

This CMM has a 0.5µ first-term accuracy.  We are the ONLY gage and fixture builder to provide this level of accuracy in a 5-state region (and perhaps the entire U.S.).


Global S Chrome CMM

The GLOBAL S with the Chrome precision level takes advantage of the CMM’s hardware enhancements to offer superior accuracy at the highest scanning speed. Eco Mode+, a new green feature, provides a 90% reduction of compressed air consumption when the machine is in an idle state. The CMM solution saves up to 25% of compressed air cost under machine standard operating conditions. The Global S also offers configurable workstation options, message lighting and a redesigned jogbox for an improved operator experience.  Machine alerts regarding temperature, humidity, vibrations, and unexpected stoppage are available via new options of PULSE, a real-time monitoring system for metrology environments, and the PC-DMIS’s notification center.

Pratt & Whitney Labmaster 1.jpg


With instrument uncertainty to 2 millionths of an inch (50 nanometers), the Labmaster Universal 

The ULM is capable of measuring gage blocks, end standards, plain rings, threaded rings & plugs, API gages, pin & plug gages, tapered plugs, cylindrical setting gauges, micrometers, indicators, LVDTs, calipers, and snap gauges with instrument uncertainty to 2 millionths of an inch (0.05 micron). It is suitable for virtually all ID and OD gage calibration applications through its wide 0.020-inch (0.5 mm) to 14-inches (356 mm) measuring range. Only a handful of traceable masters, such as blocks, rings, etc. are needed (not included). The ULM includes GageCal software that automatically enters tolerances for rings, plugs, pins, balls, threads (calculates pitch/major diameter) and flags out of tolerance conditions.

Seibu MM50B Wire EDM.jpg


Seibu’s MM50B wire EDM is built for medium size parts. The machine is designed to deliver high material removed rates while holding a pitch accuracy of ± 2 microns. Machine castings are ground and hand scraped for complete flatness. Guideways are checked for flatness, lasered for straightness and test cuts are performed on all machines which are then checked on a CMM for accuracy resulting high precision parts. The new Smart NC (Fanuc Control) 21.5” touch panel can access all operations like a smartphone. The control has been customized to show more information so operators can check the necessary cutting data or maintenance work on any screen at any time.


Sodick ALN400G Wire 

Sodick’s ALN400G rigid linear motor driven, high precision Wire EDM machine features new user-friendly EDM technology which further enhances productivity and EDM precision. The machine’s rigid linear motor axes drives are coupled with glass scales on the X, Y, U and V axes which ensure precision cutting and positioning accuracy. Sodick’s X, Y, U and V linear motor drives have no backlash and are backed by Sodick’s 10-Year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee. Sodick currently manufactures and delivers only linear motor driven machines; proving the unrivaled reliability of Sodick's own rigid linear motor technology. Sodick's rigid linear motors have the optimum flat design. The machine castings support the linear motor to achieve ideal linear performance, the ultimate design for precision machining.

Sodick AG40L Sinker EDM

Sodick AG40L Sinker EDM

The most popular Linear Die sinker EDM range in the market, “AG series” ensures that machining in half the time has become an economically efficient reality.

The series features linear drive technology and simplified control mechanisms, which provide a direct link between the drive and the control. This ensures the fastest possible servo-response and optimal spark gaps at all times

The AG40L Sinker EDM features Sodick’s Linear Motor Drives. Linear motor drives have been a perfect fit for CNC Sinker EDMs. The linear motor’s fast 1,400”/min axis feed combined with high 1.2G acceleration creates its own natural and even flushing condition. The positioning accuracy of Sodick’s linear motors are guaranteed for 10 years on all Wire and Sinker EDMs.


Hurco Lathe TMX8MYi

Built for speed. Servo turret provides quick-change tooling and fast indexing, features a large curvic coupling for superior rigidity, and makes all stations live-tool capable. The short drive train of live tooling generates less heat and provides more torque to the tool, resulting in higher reliability and quieter operation. Other benefits include: high output, digitally controlled spindle motor, programmable tailstock, and a component isolation system that combats heat dissipation and spindle head growth.

Cincom L32.png

Cincom L32

Sliding Headstock Type Automatic CNC Lathe

  •  B-axis tooling with ATC (automatic tool changer) can be equipped to the gang rotary turret. This device is not only perfect for machining medical components and other complex parts, it also supports a wide array of machining with a diverse assortment of tool variations. (L32XII ATC)

  • Flexibly corresponds to various machining, from simple machining to complex machining

  • The switch between the guide bushing type and the guide bushing less type can be accomplished in a simple operation. It achieves a reduction in running costs


Okamoto Grinder
CNC Grinder

  • Superb construction with heavily ribbed Meehanite cast construction.

  • Full contact Double Vee for true tracking and unrivaled accuracy.

  • User-friendly "Touch & Teach" conversational programming simplifies set-up and operation even for operators unfamiliar with CNC.

  • Ideal for Surface, Slot, Step, Form and Contour Grinding.

  • Set up to 4 different table stroke positions. Ideal for multiple workpiece grinding.

  • 3-point diamond dresser includes one 2-point angle dresser for form dressing and one 1-point dresser for straight dressing.

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