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Summit City Precision Machining Inc. SCPM provides high quality machined products and services to the Continental United States. We use state of the art equipment throughout our facility. It is our desire to stay a modern shop for modern times. Indiana

Our Background

Since being established in 2019, Summit City Precision Machining Inc. SCPM has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction.We do our absolute best to deliver our products on time.


Summit City Precision Machining Inc. SCPM Services

We’re committed to helping our customers every step of the way and providing useful services to take care of all their needs. Read below to learn about the range of services we provide. We’re constantly growing and expanding our service options, so if you have something in mind that we don’t yet provide, we’d love to hear about it.

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Manufacturing/Repair Custom Gauges, Fixture Design and Build

We design and build custom and standard gauges for the Medical,
Aerospace, automotive, defense, and manufacturing industries. All of our services are designed to meet the needs of our customers. When we manufacture our Gauges and Fixtures we can measure them in our in-house Lab. We are working on ISO 17025 Certification and ISO 13485 to follow and hope to achieve ISO 17025 by end of January 2021 and ISO 13485 by the end of April 2021 to ensure a Quality Product was Manufactured at SCPM.


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SCPM Machines Positioning Accuracy/Repeatability/Pitch cutting Accuracy

Hurco VMX42SRTi 5 Axis Mill.0004"/.010mm.0002"/.005mm

Hurco VMX30Ui 5 Axis Mill.0004"/.010mm.0002"/.005mm

Hurco TMX8MYi 3 Axis Lathe.0002"/.005mm.0001"/.0025mm

Kitamura MedCenter 5AX Mill..000079"/.002mm.000039"/.001mm


Seibu MM50B Wire EDM.000079"/.002mm.00004"/.001mm2µm

Sodick ALN400G Wire EDM.00008"/.002mm.00004"/.010mm

Sodick AG40L Sinker.00008"/.002mm.00004"/.001mm

Palmary 3260 Extomax CNC Grinder0.00004"/.010mm0.00004"/.010mm

We also have a Manual Machine Shop on-site.

Exacting Tolerances

This is one of our most popular capabilities. We can make parts accurately down to .000079" and it’s made a big difference for many of our customers. We strive to achieve the highest level of excellence in the Products we Manufacture/Engineer. With this Niche work we ensure all details are accounted for and calculated and handled in a timely manner. Whenever you work with Summit City Precision Machining Inc. SCPM, you can trust that you’re in great hands.

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